Monday, June 6, 2011


Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone out there in garden land might have some kale, starters or seed , that they might be willing to donate to the Food Bank bed. I've searched high and low and am unable to find either. Let me know if you have any extras that need good homes.

A couple other notes...

All tasks are now posted in the shed at the garden. If your task doesn't make sense to you, please contact me and I will go through it further. Don't forget to put your weeds and grass in the weed compost and most importantly, don't forget to mark down your hours.

Please remember to put all tools, hoses and wheelbarrows back in the shed when you are done. These items tend to go missing if they aren't secured properly.

I haven't assigned water barrels to anyone this year so please, out of courtesy for the other gardeners, take the time to fill the barrels you use most and don't just leave it for your neighbour to take care of.
I am trying to find some more barrels as we do have a bit of a shortage at the moment. If anyone knows of anyone who might have any clean large barrels to give away, please let me know.

The work bee will be mostly concentrating on the tasks we were unable to complete last week. Painting is on the schedule so if that is something you are up for, make sure you wear painting clothes.

Of course, once again, the hockey game is on Wednesday night. If you aren't going to show up to help at the garden, please, at the very least, help the Canucks redeem themselves for the awfulness that was tonight's game.