Thursday, May 31, 2012

Greenhouse and Manure

We finally have a key for the greenhouse lock! It can be found hanging on the wall (above the volunteer hours sheet) in the shed. Please remember to put it back if you use it. I've attached it to an old sprinkler head so it's not so easy to misplace. Everyone is free to use the greenhouse. I ask anyone that does use it to mark their plants with their name so I know what belongs to who. I'll work on getting a couple of shelves as well to try and optimize the space.
The manure is now on site thanks to Morris Lamrock and his Y2C2 crew who lovingly collected and dropped off 4 truckloads for us. Yay! I have one barrel set up in the north garden for tea and is simmering as we speak. It is the one closest to the main water hookup. So if you're wondering what's up with the stinky water, that's why. I'm not sure what the weed seed content will be with the manure so sometimes it's a bit safer to water with the manure tea as opposed to mixing it in with your soil but that choice is totally yours. I'll be setting up a couple more once I get some more barrels on site. Coming soon...

Remember to record your hours in the shed if you work any time in the garden other than that on your plot. I'll have the task assignments posted on the website tomorrow.