Sunday, January 30, 2011

Plant-A-Row 2010

2010 was a great year for our Plant-a-Row program. In total, combining what we grew in beds we designated for the program and the donations from individual gardeners, we managed to donate 480 lbs of vegetables to our local food bank. Below are the totals in weight(lbs): Beets - 98 Berries - 11 Cabbage - 8 Cauliflower - 1 Green onion - 2 Lettuce - 16.5 Kale - 13 Kohlrabi - 4 Potatoes - 242 Spinach - 15 Swiss Chard - 27.5 Zucchini - 42
Thank you so much to those that helped throughout the season to take care of and harvest the designated beds and to those who choose to donate. I'm looking forward to another, and hopefully even more, fruitful season this year! (The picture is of a frosty delivery of beets. I'd left them on my deck for the night and woke up to a rather chilly morning. Thank goodness for hardy vegetables :) )