Monday, April 13, 2015

Mt. Lorne Community Announcement

Welcome to the Garden! 2015
A  seasonal approach to hands on gardening skills that will help you grow food.
Rent a garden bed at a local farm- and learn to grow.
Join long time Yukon organic gardener, Shiela Alexandrovich at her Wheaton River Gardens on Annie Lake Road for seven half day workshops that will give you seasonal experience and confidence to get growing.
Shiela will provide 125’x30’ beds for participants to use. Therese are to be started from scratch, in and area that has had 2 years of green manure. She will provide watering and frost protection as needed. Participants
will take home the produce grown , and have the knowledge to store  and preserve food for the winter .
Cost for the rental of one raised bed – and all the produce that grows there will be yours…
$ 75.00 for full season
This includes the education provided by Sheila  as well as seeds and bedding plants and all other materials as needed.
This workshop will have space for 6-8 people and will cover the following outline, realizing that weather may re-arrange our schedule for us!
All workshops are   1pm to 4:30, on Sundays.
·         May 17                 orientation, bed planning, seed choices, bedding plants
                               ( starting, time and care) and basic organics
·         May 24                 making raised beds, organic  amendments, various planting styles, hoops and
                               covers – Prepping and planting - Ready…GO!
·         June 14                eating weeds, thinning, compost/manure teas, top dressing, early harvest
·         June 28                harvest, thin, weed, succession planting, maintenance
·         July 19                 thinning, weeding, fermented  pickles, drying, teas (weeds, wild, planted)
·         Aug 16                 harvest, prep for storage, pickling, seed saving,
·         Sept 6                  final root harvest , root storage, putting things to bed
This Program made possible with support from Yukon Agriculture Branch -  Growing Forward 2
Wheaton River gardens are located at km 24 Annie Lake Road- please follow the signs.
limited seating – register soon !!
Contact Agnes at :                                              
or ph 667 7083