Friends of the Garden

This is the part of the blog in which we like to thank those who have helped the garden in ways both big and small. Without the help of the community, the garden wouldn't be what it is today.

Ever wonder where all the coffee grounds come from?
Mitt Stehlin has been dropping off compostables at the garden for several years now. His winter drop offs are especially appreciated as the pile left by spring is substantial and produces enough compost for all the gardeners to use by the next season. His recent drop offs have consisted largely of coffee grounds from local coffee haunt Baked Cafe to which we are also grateful. Mitt may not be a  member of the Community Garden but, by virtue of his generosity, we definitely consider him a friend.
Thanks Mitt!

Continued thanks goes out to the following:

  • The City of Whitehorse
  • Government of Yukon Community Development Fund
  • Whitehorse Correctional Center Work Crew and Eric Huggard
  • P&M Recycling
  • Builders Supplyland
  • Kilrich Industries
  • Career Industries
  • Yukon Women in Trades & Technology
  • Extra Foods
  • Whitehorse Food Bank
  • WalMart Garden Centre
  • Canadian Tire Garden Centre
  • Yukon Gardens
  • Ibex Valley Greenhouse
  • RC Crane
  • Our neighbors in downtown Whitehorse 
  • Garrett Gillespie (Boreal Compost Enterprises Ltd)