Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall is Here!

Hello all,

Fall is upon us. I just have a few little updates for you.

PARSo far, this season, we've donated 187 lbs of produce to the Whitehorse Foodbank through our Plant -A- Row initiative. If anyone has any of their harvest they would like to donate for the program, mark it in your garden with a marker from the shed and I will collect it or feel free to harvest it yourself and drop off at the Foodbank. If you do drop it off yourself, I ask that you let me know the weight so I can add it on to our grand total. On a side note, in case anyone has marked their lettuce and wondered why I haven't taken it, it is likely that it is just too bitter. Summer heat (not an issue for us!), not enough water, plant maturation and too little/too much nitrogen can all lead to a bitter crop. I've heard, but not tested, that leaving the lettuce in your fridge for a couple days can help take away the bitter taste.

Bed Clean Up
When you harvest your crops be sure to put all compostable waste into the main compost. If you have a really weedy bed, please do not put the weeds into the main compost but rather into the weed compost. Even better, separate the two and put them in their respective spots. After you've cleaned out your plot turn the soil about a shovel's depth and leave it to breath for the winter. This also helps if you've had any problem with root maggots or other pests by exposing the larvae to the colder temperatures, and hopefully killing them, over winter. The deadline for bed clean out is September 30th especially if you plan to not return and wish to claim your bed deposit. I must be notified prior to the end of the month if this is your intention.

Volunteer Hours
All volunteer hours have been tracked and recorded and totals can be found here. These numbers are all based from what you've written down in the shed on the record sheets. If you feel your total is incorrect or if you worked hours that you did not write down, please let me know and I will get it sorted.

Work Bees
Work Bees will continue until the end of the month and I will likely hold one final Saturday work bee to put the garden away for the winter and as a chance for those of you who still need hours to redeem yourselves. This usually ends up being weather dependant so I will let everyone know as we get a bit closer to the end of the month.

 If people are looking for extra tasks, the compost always needs attention. Whatever is in the bins needs to be spread on top of the pile. If there is any early season compost by the sifter, it needs to be sifted. All the common trench areas should be free of weeds and grass. The water will likely be shut off in the next week or so as the colder temps move in.

That's all for now. Enjoy your weekend!