Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Plant a Row and things...

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is staying warm in this cool windy weather which feels like a really strange thing to say in the middle of July!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've started dropping of veggies at the Food Bank. Last week was my first drop off with 3 lbs of spinach and 3 of radishes. Small but welcome!
If any of you have any produce that you don't think you'll use or have just planted too much than you can handle or just want to donate, mark your plot with one of the PAR (Plant a Row) markers in the shed and I will see that it gets there. Typically, I will be collecting on Wednesday nights at the work bee, sorting, weighing and then dropping off on Thursday mornings. Of course you are always welcome to drop off your own donation. If you do, and if it is convenient, weigh it and let me know as we always like to track our donations from the garden in weight. We don't have a lot of PAR markers but we do have a volunteer working on more for us. If we run out I'll have to come up with something creative. Also feel free to send me an email if there is something really specific in your plot that you would like to donate.
Those of you with plants in the greenhouse, don't forget to water. Even though it is cool outside it can still get pretty warm in the greenhouse and plants, especially as they get larger, will need to be watered regularly.

If anyone is having issues with the gophers, please let me know. I have trapped several already but it doesn't take long for new ones to set up camp. We have a family of about 8 chipmunks living in the garden as well. They have a fondness for some plants, especially peas, but it hard to protect your plot from them short of covering the whole thing in fine mesh. Typically, the babies leave and we have the parents stick around for awhile but more or less it seems like a temporary problem.

I think the water is sorted out now. It seems touch and go. Sometimes there are no problems and then other times we can't get a drop out of the tap. I've talked to the city and they can't seem to locate any kind of disruption in service so we'll just have to deal with it. A big thank you to those volunteers who have been keeping the water barells full.

That's it for now. See you on Wednesday night!