Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 Garden Sign Up

Hello All!
Spring is on its way and that means time to sign up for your plot at the Whitehorse Community Garden for the 2014 growing season.
The sign up is scheduled for Saturday, April 5th from 12-2pm at the Whitehorse Food Bank. The cost for new members is $45.00 ($20 annual membership, $20 bed deposit and $5 key deposit) and the cost for returning members is $20.00 (annual membership). All gardeners are expected to give 12 hours of volunteer work back the garden.

As always, sign up is first come, first serve and each gardener is allowed to sign up for one plot only. Those gardeners whose volunteer hours are in good standing and wish to return, are given first choice and preference to their existing plots or a new plot if they choose to move. Bed assignment will not happen until the beginning of May and we will keep you posted on that.

Any questions can be directed to me, Kathryn, at

I look forward to seeing you all!