Friday, June 28, 2013

July 3rd Information Session

Join us in the Whitehorse Community Garden for an information session on "Pests in the Garden". Wednesday night, July 3rd, from 6-6:30 pm, Randy Lamb, DUGS president and garden expert, will talk about pests in the garden from the flying insects to the larvae to the two-legged varieties and how to prevent, identify and manage infestations. An excellent opportunity to ask any questions about pests you may have. This session is open to any gardeners interested. Hope to see you there! Work Bee to follow...

Friday, June 7, 2013


Just a few reminders for everyone...

The cut off for planting at the garden is June 10th. If your bed is not planted by June 10th it may be given to another gardener. We do have a waiting list and people patiently waiting to get a chance to secure a bed.

I was at the garden earlier and found an empty jug of Miracle Gro in the garbage. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE are you to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides in the community garden. We are an organic operation and practice only organic gardening methods. The only soil amendments we allow in the garden are those listed on Appendix B. Appendix B can be found above under the 'Fact Sheets' tab. Please respect this for the other gardeners around you and future gardeners.

On the note of garbage, please do not leave your garbage at the garden. If you can take it home with you and dispose of it there, please do. We have to pay to take it to the landfill and the garbage cans are more there for the public to dispose their trash into rather than leaving it around the garden.

The Saturday work bees are officially over and have been replaced with a Wednesday night work bee from 6-9 pm.

Thanks for your cooperation and have a great weekend